From controlling blood pressure to keeping skin infections away: Know the benefits of mustard seeds

From controlling blood pressure to keeping skin infections away: Know the benefits of mustard seeds

Black mustard seeds or rai are a common ingredient in Indian cooking. Besides adding flavour, they contain various benefits.

The list of Indian spices is long. While some prefer to use kalonji and methi when preparing special recipes, others stick to regular spices like turmeric and mustard seeds. Besides adding varied flavours, these herbs and spices are also bestowed with several health-enhancing benefits. One such spice is mustard seed. Low in calories and high in nutritional value, mustard seeds boast of antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities. Typically found in black, brown, and white variety, mustard seeds are either ground into a fine powder or used whole to temper dishes.

Commonly found in most Indian households, black mustard seeds are regularly used while cooking. They are often kept whole and are often added to a dish or included in a stir-fry along with other aromatic ingredients. White mustard seeds can be toasted to add to dishes or used for pickling, while mustard seeds can be ground to make homemade mustard condiments.

*Mustard seeds are packed with minerals, and are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous. 

*Traditionally, mustard seeds were used to relieve symptoms of cold, aid in digestion, reduce aches and pains, and lessen respiratory issues.

*There are different varieties of brown mustard seeds, ranging from those with a dark brown seed coat to others that are dark yellow. 

*White mustard plant bears light tan seeds that are a little larger than brown mustard seeds. These end up as the bright yellow mustard due to the addition of turmeric or dye.

Some benefits of mustard seeds 

*They are a good source of dietary fibre that improves digestion in the body. They make the bowel movements better, thus improving the overall metabolism.

*A number of nutrients present in mustard seeds like copper, iron, magnesium and selenium also assist in the treatment of blood pressure. 

*Mustard seeds are also known to be beneficial for asthma patients. The presence of minerals like copper, magnesium, iron and selenium in it are responsible for the prevention of asthma attacks. 

*Mustard seeds make for a great source of carotene and lutein. It is also a great power house of vitamin A, C and K. Together these nutrients make for an excellent antioxidant. 

*The seeds contain a good amount of sulphur which is known for its anti-fungal properties. They help ward off skin infections.